Cranio Sacral Therapy

my view fingers on foreheadCranio-Sacral Therapy is a type of structural work using the natural rhythm and flow of the cranio-sacral fluid within the spinal cord to help the body come back into alignment. Your therapist will gently place her hands on you in a series of holds allowing the structures in your body to naturally move into optimal position.

This therapy is a very gentle way to help the body adjust its own bones, muscles, and even brain in order for the body to reach its goal of homeostasis. Cranio-Sacral therapy is so effective that many chiropractors are using it in their practice, and so gentle that it’s even appropriate for infants.

This therapy can reach anywhere in the body and can help with many problems such as follows:

Alignment of cranial and facial bones

Vision problems

Sinus problems


Auto-immune disorders

Attention deficit disorder




And many other conditions…

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